I found you.

In stories I label adventures.

In places I call favourites.

And I will not stop.


The We The Wild public website is down for an update to our web services backend provider and will return on Friday, 15 December 2017.


Existing members can continue to book new and manage existing adventures via ePortal, e-mail, or phone during this transition.


We started as a group of friends who are passionate about travel. From adventures around the neighbourhood to around the world, we planned and booked trips that turned into adventures and became stories we told to others. As we told others about the places you could go and the things you could do all within your budget, We The Wild was born.


Travel is more than a trip. It starts with an idea or inspiration. It's a list of places we want to visit. That quintessential phrase: "I want to go there." It's time to turn that into a reality.


Come join us.


Our services include:




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